Mr. Rawan Jajodia

Dear Visitors,


It is a wonderful feeling to have estabished a company for helping people find employment in areas they are most suited for.

Our key to the future is our workforce wherein we will continuously sought the most inspired and talented professionals to represent Sunsari Overseas. As we move ahead, we hope to create a collaborative environment where we would find a strategic fit for our candidates with the right place. We believe that this collective endeavour will power our projects to stay as lasting testimonies of our success.

The team with its experience of more than 10 years would definitely bring in better opportunities for more people this year and beyond. The expansion of working in more countries with the aim to help people across Nepal with good income is not far from the eye of Sunsari Overseas.

Thank you for your confidence and future support to Sunsari Overseas.

Best Wishes,

Rawan Jajodia

Managing Director

Sunsari Overseas